Ashdown Electric Enduro Event 1 (20th May 2023)

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Following last years success, we are very excited to be hosting 2 more dates at this incredible venue.

Bring along your ebike or emoto for some varied and challenging riding around a 4-6 mile loop of the farm. 

3 laps (2 laps for EPAC) is certain to push your machines and yourselves to the limit


  • Enduro Style - 3 laps of a 4-6 mile course around Ashdown farm.
  • Open to all electric cycles (E-bikes and Electric Motorcycles).
  • Improved timing system with SPORTident



Ashdown Motorcross Track, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX11 9DR



EPAC 250w  

Pedal assisted only 34kg Max

EPAC e-mtb 


 Up to-  4 kW 

Throttle + Pedals 40kg Max

Extreme  e-mtb 


3Kw - 8 kW


78kg Max

Standard Sur-Ron, Talaria, LMX, Kuberg etc 


Power Modified

8Kw -15 kW

OEM CAKE, Sur-Ron Ultra bee, *Modified* Sur-Ron, *Modified* Talaria, LMX MXR)

Open Class


(Sur-Ron Storm, KTM e-Freeride, BHR e-Moto Pohlbock Ebock etc)

 *Modified* = This includes Motor, Controller or Battery - all other modifications do not affect class.


from 9:00 AM  (11:00 AM Start)


Event timing can be accessed here 






Customer Reviews

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Jon Free
Good Venue and Track. Format Could Be Better

Venue is great and the track is challenging and varied. Three timed laps without a warm up is a bit much. Would have preferred a sighting lap and then maybe recharge batteries for one or two fast laps. Shame they don't have mains power there as there weren't enough chargers to go around. Would have liked to done some racing on the small track... Possibly a smaller overall enduro loop would have been fine.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your review you make a good point, most riders did not complete the 3 laps.
In all honesty 3 laps of a 5 mile course should be possible with these bikes even at speed (our fastest lap time rider also completed 3 laps)
As this is an endurance race our hope is to push manufacturers to increase range, 15 miles of hard enduro should not be difficult.
A suggestion was made to run 2 races AM / PM but then we are looking at everyone needing to charge during the break.
If you have any suggestions please contact us.


Reece Archer
Perfect day

Will defo be going to the next one, great fun with great people 👍

Cracking day out,

Day was well run, good challenging course. Had everything from slow and technical to fast and flowing. Was a long track and sometimes difficult to tell which ways the course went.
Made the circuit but was on the limit of what the standard battery could take range wise. With the amount of riders that was there could have ran a smaller track and maybe two shorter races. (Am and pm to recharge over lunch or similar). Overall was a cracking day out and will be looking out for any more events listed.

Another amazing Brushless MX event!

A very well organised event with such a great atmosphere! I can’t wait for the next event

Hayden Padwick
Great event - Well organised

This was a brilliant event, the turn out was very impressive and the event remained highly organised and great fun!
The crew were very helpful throughout the day!