Race Reports

Electric Enduro at Ashdown Farm, Oxfordshire

Electric Enduro at Ashdown Farm, Oxfordshire // 20th May 2023 The Brushless Electric Enduro event held at Ashdown Farm in Oxfordshire presented a formidable challenge for all participants. Despite dry and warm weather conditions on the race day, the lingering effects of torrential rain from previous days resulted in sections of the track becoming incredibly slippery. Additionally, the course layout designed by the Brushless team was the longest and most demanding they had ever created, featuring split sections for Pegs and Pedals. Many riders encountered mechanical issues, range limitations, or physical obstacles that hindered their progress throughout the race. And...

FIM e-Bike Cross World Cup - Mons, Belgium Round 1

   Sunday (30th April) marked the first event in the FIM E-Bike Cross World Cup which took place in Mons, Belgium. Brushless MX were excited to attend for the first time with a small team of talented British riders. Despite our size and lack of experience with these events, the British team were able to deliver exceptional results and put down great performances on a challenging track.   The track was a 1200m circuit with wide corners, big table-tops and thick loamy sand that is synonymous with Belgian Motocross. The key challenge for riders was picking the fastest lines and keeping...

Brushless Electric Enduro

The UK’s first all-electric Enduro was blessed with some idyllic spring sunshine. Ashdown Farm made an ideal enduro venue, not only because of its incredible mix of riding terrain (from switchback forest trails to MX rhythm sections) but also its wide-open communal area for riders to socialise, cook burgers and even park up a camper. The bikes were classified based on peak power prior to the event allowing entries on standard E-MTBs right through to fully fledges E-MX bikes. On reflection It was great to see such a mix of riders from different backgrounds with an even spread of entries...

Brushless Indoor MX Winter Series - Event 2

Brushless Indoor MX Event 1 - with more riders, brands and fans,  the stakes were even higher.

Brushless Indoor MX Winter Series - Event 1

Stag Motorcycles together with Wheeldon Off Road Centre ran the first ever official indoor MX Electric Race Event in the UK.