Brushless Electric Enduro

The UK’s first all-electric Enduro was blessed with some idyllic spring sunshine.

Ashdown Farm made an ideal enduro venue, not only because of its incredible mix of riding terrain (from switchback forest trails to MX rhythm sections) but also its wide-open communal area for riders to socialise, cook burgers and even park up a camper.

The bikes were classified based on peak power prior to the event allowing entries on standard E-MTBs right through to fully fledges E-MX bikes. On reflection It was great to see such a mix of riders from different backgrounds with an even spread of entries in each class. Big thanks to William Bowen representing the EPAC E-MTB's and putting in a sterling effort around a very grueling course.

There is often tension between E-MTB riders and E-MX riders and we at Brushless aim to continue hosting cross platform events that bring together all likeminded E-enthusiasts! 

The event ran in a hare and hounds format, with riders setting off staggered. The course ran across 3x 5 mile laps of the farm – we felt 15 miles of technical, hard riding would be a good sweet-spot when I came to range capabilities (especially on the smaller E-MX bikes) – offering a different dimension and consideration for the competition.

Of course, different tactics were displayed amongst the ranks. Some riders opted for full tilt/Clarkson approach and just crossed fingers with the range, while others tried to balance both elements. Special mention to Ben Clayton on a Sur-Ron - a prime example of the first method not paying off, ending the day with 2 super quick single lap times and a final lap that was 50% pushed.


The event received good support from teams, and we would like to thank:

Electron Cycles – newcomers to brushless events but still managing to field a large and successful team their first time – Francis Jensen taking first Place for the 3KW class and Tom Sherrin taking first place for 8-12kw.


EV Freaks – this team always brings high energy, entertainment and fantastic race machines to every event, their continued support means a lot.


Royal Enfield – A name we all recognise - huge thanks to these guys for getting a team together with extremely short notice. We look hosting you and future events!


Talaria UK – Big thank you to Talaria UK for their support with this event. They have provided young Issac Ash with a Talaria Bike for the full season! Isaac brought some extra class to the event with his effortless style – not a bad way to spend his birthday.


Stag Motorcycles – Key event organisers and a strong team that dominated the 3-8kw class, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Special mention to its newest member – Jack Richards, who showed everyone how it’s done in the most completive class. Taking home gold on the soon to be released Talaria Rouge with Full BOS suspension.


Finally, our events would be nothing without the ever-increasing Privateer turnout. As well as incredible performances from the likes of Connor Ward (on a Sur-Ron Storm) and Tom Griffiths (on a KTM e-Freeride) who put out the fastest lap time across the whole event and won the open class. Privateer riders are the engine that is driving forward competitive electric Bike racing and we are very grateful for your support– if you continue coming, we will continue hosting until brushless events are available all year round, all over the UK.


 For event results, click here!


*Disclaimer: due to riders exiting the track at different points and some confusion with old track markings, results may not reflect standardised lap times.



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