About Brushless Motorsport


The electric bike industry is poised to revolutionise motorsport. What is certain is that fossil-fuels will be side-lined and lobbied against over the next few decades and electric is well placed to step in. We at Brushless want to work with tracks, manufacturers and retailers to help this transition.

We would rather not see a MX track close because of noise pollution but instead work with local councils to transition and even maintain a level of I.C.E participation whilst offering an environmentally friendly and low noise alternative.


To Date:

We have worked with a few venues, with the most success coming from Wheeldon Farm. This success shows other venues not only what can be done, but also what is needed to do it. (Thanks again to Wheeldon farm for their faith and effort to get the ball rolling). On the back of Wheeldon’s success we plan to work with iMoto-X as a venue. They are well positioned to hit the ground running with a purpose-built track for these bikes already in place.



This to date is the greatest success with venues understanding how they need to build the track and run the events. We have also seen bike development a few examples include CAKE :- a new improved linkage, LMX :- producing a new motor (stronger and faster), Revit/Drill are working on strengthening their frame and even battery/controller developers have been able to better tune bikes to suit the rigors of competition riding. We have also seen a few manufacturers and dealers get behind racers with various levels of sponsorship.

We hope to see these developments continue and incentivise manufacturers to improve designs and create better, more robust bikes for everyone.


The future:

During 2022 going into the summer we would like to approach outdoor MX tracks and inspire them to build us a track or develop their track to suit the Electric dirt bike needs. We would also like to work with Enduro Clubs to host all electric events as this is where most of these bikes fit in and indeed is the preferred format for most riders.

Right now the electric bikes cannot and should not compete directly with I.C.E. Electric bikes are looked upon as inferior due to range and standard equipment but, if we were to develop a class for them we could carve out a future for adapted competition formats to suit. Brushless is also looking to take a team across borders and race in the French LX Tour and possibly a few events in Spain and Italy.


What is needed:

Without rider support there is no progression, we need riders to support these venues and events in order to make EV motorsport a legitimate and viable alternative. We appreciate that it is far to travel to some of these tracks but these are the ones willing to work with us until we have a better following and can guarantee a 50-60 bike starting grid. We also need more retailers and manufacturers to get involved by coming along to support existing events and to create locals events.


Financial Transparency:

The drive behind Brushless is not for profit, but rather to create a healthy competition and participation platform for this fast-growing industry. Very often these events end up costing money – especially with smaller turnouts, but we see this is all part of the bigger picture and the greater good of electric motorsport and development.

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