Brushless MX at DirtETracks 18th Sept

The Event

  • The event is on Sunday 18th September, there are limited camping facilites onsite for Saturday 17th , including a Microbrewery with a Cafe Please contact us to arrange camping


    • Adults - Open class (Bikes may include Cake, Drill, E-Motion, Kuberg, LMX, Sur-Ron, Rev-X, Talaria and other similar models) Bikes may also run aftermarket controllers and batteries but these must be fitted correctly and run safely.
    • Youth - Under 16 Y/O (Bikes may include Cake, Drill, E-Motion, Kuberg, LMX, Oset, Sur-Ron, Rev-X, Talaria and other similar models) We expect most of these bikes will run a standard controller but may have a battery upgrade.
    • Kids - Electric Balance bikes (Amped, Revvi, Stacyc and other similar models) 600w Max


Riders are expected to wear protective gear including Helmet, Goggles, gloves and MX boots or at least ankle boots.

Racing Format

We understand that certain bike models may have an advantage over other bikes, in power suspension and design, but while we are building up a racing community and gathering like minded riders we are going to run all bikes together, heats based on qualifying lap times.

The format for the September 18th event will include

  • 2 Qualifying sessions of 4 laps where riders will get a chance to go out and set a lap time.
  • These lap times will be used to class the riders into their race class "A", "B", "C", "D" etc
  • Riders will then ride that class for the rest of the day, unless promoted by the Clark of the course.
  • Balance bike class will not require transponders.


Our aim is to bring like minded riders together at an enjoyable social event. We want to grow the sport and are constantly looking for new venues, dealers and sponsors to join and support Electric bike racing in the UK.


    • No riding in non designated areas including the pits
    • No Drugs
    • No Alcohol to be consumed in the pits 
    • We are affiliated to Nora Motorsport and follow the guidelines set out by them
    • Please respect all officials, they are the backbone of our operation and we could not operate without them.