Electric Enduro at Ashdown Farm 20th May 2023

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2023 season is open!!

We are happy to bring you another event at this Awesome Venue 

 Saturday 20th May 2023

from 9:00 AM  (11:00 AM Start)

The Event will be 3 laps of a 4-6 mile course around Ashdown farm and will be open to all electric cycles (E-bikes and Electric Motorcycles).

Classes will be 

EPAC 250w  

No Throttle + Pedals 34kg Max

Bring your e-mtb  (EX1/EX2)

 Upto- 3 kW 

Throttle + Pedals 40kg Max

Extreme  e-mtb  (EX3)

3Kw - 8 kW

Throttle + Pegs 78kg Max

OEM Sur-Ron, Talaria, LMX, Kuberg etc  (EX4) 
8Kw -15 kW OEM CAKE, Sur-Ron Ultra bee, Modified Sur-Ron, Modified Talaria, LMX MXR)
15+kW Open Class  (Sur-ron Storm, KTM e-Freeride, BHR e-Moto Pohlbock Ebock etc)

 NB * Modified = Motor, Controller or Battery

All other modifications do not affect class.

Balance bikes

Although this is non a Balance Bike Event, there is a kids track available for Balance Bikes but it will not be marshalled. Depending on attendance we will run a kids race on the medium track. 

We will also have Stacyc Demo rides available on the small track

Children must be supervised at all times


Info and timetable for the event

Click here for directions to Ashdown Farm

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Another amazing Brushless MX event!

A very well organised event with such a great atmosphere! I can’t wait for the next event

Hayden Padwick
Great event - Well organised

This was a brilliant event, the turn out was very impressive and the event remained highly organised and great fun!
The crew were very helpful throughout the day!

Francis Janssen
Great day, great track, great guys!

Will not get a better electric enduro event!!

Zoe Major
It was shit

I didn’t get to go no bikes for hire I was told but no refund

The bikes for hire were listed as 'please contact us for information on bike hire,' not buy a ticket and then expect a bike. You also kept your ticket because you thought you would find a bike to ride. Unfortunately we have to plan events with expected numbers,

Bryn Ramsden

Electric Enduro at Ashdown Farm 6th August 2022